“Impossible waterfall” Movie



mcwolles”, a German design student, created this brilliant object in 2011. It is a wooden replica of the water path from Eschers lithograph “Waterfall” from 1961. If you watch this real-life movie, you will see water running upwards and driving a water mill…




Movie hosted here with mcwolles’ kind permission. I exerpted and cropped the rendition as seen on his YouTube page. There you can also catch a glimpse of himself. Talk of a genius in a garage!


Of course, there are tricks to it, actually two.
First, the shape only appears “impossible” from one single view angle. The basic impossible shape is composed of two Penrose triangles. I mentioned the close interaction of Escher and the Penroses on my earlier presentation of the “impossible” movie “Halluci”.
Second, there is a trick to the waterflow. While I have a strong suspicion, I will not disclose it here until the creator does so himself in his forthcoming “making of”.


The (somewhat dispappointing) solution us here and here is a crafty simulation explaining it well.



mcwolles’ YouTube page


M. C. Escher’s original image is presented and discussed on Wikipedia.



Created: 2007-10-06

Last update: 2013-10-04