Hidden Figures – Dalmatian Dog


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What to do


Observe the picture on the right. Unless you are already familiar with this picture, in all likelihood it will not make sense. There are just black patches on a white background.


So the name of this is “Dalmatian dog”, does this help? If not, press the help button, starting with “help me 1”.




Once the dog has been seen, it stays obvious – one-shot learning has taken place.


This example once more demonstrates the amazing capability of our visual system to organise visual input into interpretable shape (with sometimes exaggerated results as shown by the “face on Mars”.


The movie in “help 2” further demonstrates how strongly texture segregation (separating figure from ground) is effected by motion gradients.




Gregory R (1970) “The intelligent eye” McGraw-Hill, New York (Photographer: Ronald C James)

First publication of the picture probably in Life Magazine:58;7 1965-02-19, p 120.

For the movie I gratefully thank Wim van de Grind


Created: 2002-08-11

Last update: 2013-10-04