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Blur Illusion


Painting “All is Vanity” by Charles Allen Gillbert (1873-1929). Place mouse over image and observe the change.




This is not an “optical illusion” proper, it’s more a physical effect: With the strong spatial low-pass filtering, the blurred version simply lacks the fine details. However, one could also argue that the low-spatial frequency information is masked by high spatial frequencies like in the“Lincoln effect” by Harmon & Julesz (1973) “The recognition of faces”. Related paintings are depicted below; feedback educating me on the unknown sources is welcome.




I owe the original slide to Prof. Mackensen.

Interesting background on skulls in culture & art



Def Leppard album ‘RetroActive’ Wotherspoon ‘Gossip, and Satan came also’ Wotherspoon ‘Society,
a portrait’
Dali ‘Voluptate Mors’ (Photo: Halsman) [Orwell on Dali] Dali ‘Ballerina’ Cher, album ‘Heart of stone’
def-lepard Gossip asinus dali-voluptate-mors dali-ballerina cher_hos
‘L'Amour de Pierrot’ ≈1905 Au revoir! ‘La famille Impériale de Russie’ (French post card ≈1908) Cat or Couple? (unknown) French postcard
(on Planet Perplex)
Judge Magazine cover, 1894 “Death to our industries!”
amour_pierrot au-revoir russie cat_couple face_women judge_cover



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